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Welcome to Top Team Auctions

Welcome to Top Team Auctions

Welcome to Top Team AuctionsWelcome to Top Team AuctionsWelcome to Top Team Auctions

About Us

How do auctions stand out over other sales methods?


Auctions allow for more freedom during the sales process, by having multiple auction services ready at your disposal such as online auctions or onsite auctions. Auctions are the #1 method for the some of the most prestigious items in the world. 

Why choose Top Team Auctions?


We strive to make all of our customers happy and satisfied. We've kept our team small and personalized, to allow our clients to feel at home while making the most profit for you and your family.

What do our previous clients think of the work we do?


"Top Team Auctions helped our family immensely when we were selling the contents of our house. They remained extremely friendly and professional throughout the entire process." -Brooke Martinez, Previous Client

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